Essay :: Querying Eco-logics

Read and share this collectively written essay that queries ecology along with the Technoscience Salon.
“Querying Eco-logics: A collective experiment in affective ecologies and the politics of form and function” by Astrid Schrader, Roberta Buiani, Jessica Caporusso, Lisa Cockburn, Peter Hobbs, Kelly Ladd, Darren Patrick


Technoscience Salon 2015-16 :: Unsettling Practices

The theme of the 2015-16 Technoscience Salon is Unsettling Practices. Practices are more than pragmatic protocols – they are ways of composing and cutting relations, of recognizing and denying responsibilities, and of opening and foreclosing potentials. This year’s salon invites the critical cultivation of skills that can disturb, stir up, and set into motion the sedimented relations that make up what and how we know and do. How might practices be unsettled? How do practices make trouble?

Nature in translation

New Book – Shiho Satsuka’s Nature in Translation

Congratulations to Shiho Satsuka on the publication of her book Nature in Translation: Japanese Tourism Encounters the Canadian Rockies (Duke University Press, 2015). Nature in Translation is an ethnographic exploration in the cultural politics of the translation of knowledge about nature. Shiho Satsuka follows the Japanese tour guides who lead hikes, nature walks, and sightseeing…

Patrick Keilty

Patrick Keilty joins the TRU

We are delighted to have Patrick Keilty join the TRU as an affiliated faculty member. Patrick is a feminist and queer media and technology scholar. He is Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Information at the University of Toronto and the Bonham Centre for Sexual Diversity Studies there. His primary teaching and research field is…

body toxic site poster

Discussion: Is Your Body a Toxic Site? Reproductive Health as an Environmental Issue

An event presented by the Politics of Evidence Working Group in partnership with Environmental Defence. Join us for this public forum connecting reproductive and environmental health in our everyday encounters with endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Come learn about endocrine-disruptors, the extent of our contact with them, and how the degree of our vulnerability is linked to what…